As a company we’re very passionate about the production side of our business . We can produce your entire event from logistics and hotels for out of town teams/employees, to behind the scenes staffing.


From the first meeting to the final performance, we customize each event by working closely with our clients to deliver their vision and create stunning shows.


We cast our events with highly skilled professionals in a variety of genres. Anthem singers, runners, field managers, on-field emcee’s, cheer, dancers, and more.


Norton National works closely with our clients in creating a unique, efficient, custom designed performance specifically geared towards the audience demographics and the vision of the client.

Game Day Operations:

Norton National provides everything for the day of event needs – audio & video services, logistics and run-of-show.


Being a full service production company allows us to easily coordinate all aspects of a clients photographic needs, Including but not limited to: concept, casting athletes/models, insurance, location scouting, shooting and post-production editing of images.

Here are some of the events we can plan and execute for you:

Corporate Events:

The importance of meeting your employees or clients is a very powerful tool. When implemented correctly, it can drive the creativity of your team or incentivize potential clients to make a purchase!

Norton National will build and run the event based on your vision and expectations, we will ensure your message is delivered effectively and on-budget.

Live Concerts

We have always create the best show possible for our clients, we can plan and develop the entire process from staging, rigging, audio and lighting. Not only that but we will fully staff your event from security, to temporary bathrooms in order to ensure the attendees get the experience they expect!

Sporting Events

Football, soccer, cheer competitions, 5k’s, marathons and any other sporting event in between! We entertain the crowd, we establish rapport with the contestants/teams, we ensure a marketable event is created and executed while taking into account the aspects and goals of your vision to make it memorable for all involved!

Press Conferences

Is this the biggest announcement in the lifetime of your company? Perhaps you just launched a new product, or you’ve hired a once-in-a-lifetime CEO. You need Norton National to step in and make sure everybody hears your message! Choose Norton National and we will execute everything from A/V, to inviting the correct media outlets and attendees so your voice will be heard!


A well-executed fundraiser can mean all the difference for your non-profit, we will entice prospective donors and attendees to feel warm and fuzzy about donating to your cause.

Many more…

Birthday parties, weddings,¬†Quinceanera’s, and many, many more!